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what goes into protecting the global oil supply that is running through the strait of hormuz. we are going to show that at 5:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. you don't want to miss it. "the willis report" is coming up next. >> we can't wait ♪ ♪ gerri: tonight, it's stocks skyrocketing. the federal reserve lunching qe-3. the federal reserve printing money. will it improve the jobs picture or will it hurt our economy? welcome to "the willis report." ♪ ♪ ♪ gerri: hello, everybody. i and gerri willis. much more on that that announcement coming up. first we begin with the escalating anti-american
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protests sweeping the middle east. these are live pictures right now in cairo were the protesters show no signs of going home. thousands of them crowding around protesting the u.s. libyan officials announcing the benghazi attack, which killed christopher stevens and three other diplomats. saying that it is part of a two-part plan operation. with more on this, we have john bolton and k.t. mcfarland. welcome to everybody and thank you for coming on tonight. the dynamite panel for this topic. i want to start with those pictures in egypt that we saw just a moment ago. k.t. mcfarland, or as let's go to you. the market is a loss of life. egypt is the key because it is the largest middle east country and the one that everyone looks to and has the longest history. as goes egypt, so for the entire region go.
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the fact that the demonstrations that they have had has turned out to be a who's who of the hobbits. there is the head of al qaeda whose brother was there, the one that was the first man that tried to blow up the world trade center, his nephew was there. this is not a bunch of kids picking up rocks and throwing them at the american embassy. gerri: ambassador, where is the president and what is our response. i don't see a. >> it is not fair. that is why it has such a theory parallel with another weak president in 1979. we saw a embassy takeovers and the iran hostage crisis and in pakistan and libya and also a. this has a very eerie feeling and it is like 1979 all over again. the inadequate response to the assassination -- let's be clear. this was a targeted killing. the potential for an embassy
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takeover in egypt has been deployed. >> i want to show folks a picture of the u.s. outpost tonight that is under siege. nine of them from morocco, tunisia, iraq, bangladesh, iran, iran -- is it shocking to you, michael, doesn't seem to you that the u.s. is in retreat? >> well, i wish we were. we will continue to intervene in the muslim world. that is what this is all about. we have been at war since the 26th of august 1996. we continue to do the things that drive them to attack us. gerri: is it our fault? >> it is not our fault. but your every action has a reaction. their reaction is to our interventionism. it is as simple as that. it's not a hard problem to understand. they hated posy mask because he
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was a dictator and there were no jobs and because we paid him. >> they went to the streets 18 months ago, they overthrew the dictator and they haven't had the jobs in 18 months. were they angry at now? the united states. gerri: we are a target, that's for sure. michael? >> that's not correct. what they wanted was us out of the region out of posy -- >> we have to realize that these people have been emboldened because president bush and obama chose to lose two wars.
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>> look, we are dealing with religious fanaticism. we have an ambassador in libya that are happening that helping the people put together the purpose of the attacks, which is to cause the united states to pull back from the region and pullback from vital interest that we have there, protecting israel and securing supplies of oil and natural gas from the producing countries. that is what they want. as this spreads across the region, it can have a profound economic impact worldwide as we see the price of oil already going on. gerri: absolutely. there are all kinds of impacts. i want to talk about the president today. telling telemundo that egypt is not an ally. would you make of that k.t. mcfarland? >> does is really tearing through. we thought qadhafi might kill
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people. are we doing the same thing with syria? no. people are being slaughtered and they are refugees. the arab spring started nt wrong. when people took to the streets to protest, obama turned the other direction. when people went to the streets in egypt, they went to the middle east policy. >> this shows who the inexperienced presidential candidate is, despite three and a half years, the president is apparently not aware that nato was designated an ally over 20 years ago it is the obama version of what the definitn of is is. they say that ally is a term of art. gerri: if you are announcing a change of policy, do you do it with the media? no, you don't. >> he didn't know that they were in nonmajor nato ally.
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but somebody ought to who the president and. gerri: i want to look at usa. should we be giving money to countries wanted u.s. debt is growing by $30 billion per week. looking at the aids we give to the country. >> we have leverage and we need to use it. right now, the leader worry about one thing. having american assistance. the united states is going to continue to give them assistance or we are going to understand all of their problems. it's time that they should fear the withdrawal of american aid. we give aid out because it's in our interest to do so and we give it to pretty unattractive people and circumstances who hate our guts, just like we hated stalin to fight the nazis in world war ii. that is the nature of it.
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egypt and libya failed their fundamental obligation to provide protection for our diplomats and facilities. at least privately we should be telling them not to let that happen again or you will lose that privilege. gerri: let's look at yemen. 64 million, it was even more and has actually been coming down. should we turn this off? >> israel, egypt, all of them. let them fight it out if that's what they want. there is no american interest there. gerri: next steps. what we need to be doing or not doing right now? >> they need to make it clear to the entire region that if they are not going to be diplomatic and good to ngos, if they are looking the other way while these things are happening, we need to have a conversation. i think we should use the leverage we have, which is the checkbook.
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>> i think that we have to make it clear that interest are not going to be compromised without real consequences. i think where we have to start is not necessarily on the streets of the arab countries but by making it clear that we are not going to allow iran to get nuclear weapons. that is a policy we are failing in. we have isolated israel and everybody can see that iran is well on its way. gerri: maybe we should get on the phone and call netanyahu at. >> the fact is the threat we face, the nuclear program in iran is not as israeli problem, it's a global problem and we are not doing anything effectively to stop it. >> if israel feels threatened and they feel that they are on their own, i think what that does is make war more likely. >> i think the israelis should do whatever it takes to protect themselves. i don't think the united states has an interest in doing that. certainly, we don't have an
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interest of our country being taken work by a foreign prime minister. it should be peace between us and israel. gerri: thank you so much for coming tonight. coming up next, it was the news investors wanted to hear about will the announcement forum ben bernanke help the economy. i will break it down next. plus, we have another panel of experts to give us their take. don't go away. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be nice if there was an easier,
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gerri: to paraphrase ronald reagan, there they go again. the federal reserve finding another way to boost the economy, by doing everything that it has in its power.
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$40 billion in mortgage-backed securities purchased every single month. market players were not surprised, they were astonished. stocks went down and as players absorbed the news, silver spiked and so did treasury yields. it was confusing at best. here is what the fed has done so far. ten rate cuts started on september 18, and repeated rounds, promising to keep rates low. a comically complicated operation twice. ben bernanke has said his efforts have paid off with the creation of 2 million jobs, even if it is true, it pales in comparison with the numbers of jobless people, 12.5 million. the unemployment rate above 40% come economic growth incapable of cracking 2%. that is because the economy is
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not weak, monetary policy is not loose enough. mortgage rates are low, low, low. the fed has bent over backwards. companies are not hiring and consumers aren't spending because washington is broken. the huge tax burden looms as of december 31. congress can't pass a budget. republicans and democrats at an impasse. now, the fed promises a blank check. printing unlimited money to pull us out of the ditch. how will they ever unwind all of that stimulus? who will pay? what will be the unintended consequences? john taylor recently wrote that skyhigh inflation will be the ultimate result of the fed's move before the reaction. he is right. stocks surge today. the dow up about 13,500 for the first time since the great recession began. although wall street seemed happy, many say the announcement is only having a slight benefit, if any at all on the economy.
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author of regulating for disaster, how green job policies are damaging america's economy. and jerry colome, president of call. peter, you were there. you got to talk to the federal reserve chairman. did everyone in the room seem surprised at what he had done. >> we go over to the treasury express. about 15 minutes before the news hits the wire. they might as well have brought in bazookas. there was an audible gasp for how many steps that they took. gerri: what was your reaction to the news, diana? >> i was just amazed. interest rates were really low already. they haven't had any effect.
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it's not clear what this is going to do and you could see gold spiking and it is just astounding that he has done this. >> very? >> you said that using everything that they have, but they are using everything they don't have. when you conjure up money out of thin air and they are targeting the market. because of him from the markets have gone higher anything but the markets are going to go higher and people will build richer and will spend more money in the economy will get better. but i have news for big ben. commodity prices are soaring price of oil is soaring. that hurts consumers and the cost of goods and businesses go up i don't get. gerri: i don't get it either.
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we're going to talk more about it. diana, peter, and jerry are sticking with us to talk more about it. president obama is not meeting with his israeli counterpart. find out who he is eating with coming up next
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gerri: stocks rallying as ben bernanke opens the floodgates to more stimulus. will this finally get the economy afloat? coming up next.
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gerri: welcome back. investors celebrating today's announcement of qe-3 by the fed. but is it really good news? let's bring back our panel. gary kaltbaum and peter burns. peter, i will start with you. i want to play this sound from
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the fed chairman's club conference this afternoon. >> i think we can make a meaningful and significant contribution to this problem in producing this problem. we can't solve it. we don't have tools that are strong enough to solve the unemployment problem. >> that is ben bernanke saying that he doesn't have the tools and the right tools to solve joblessness. what is he doing there, peter? >> i think he's trying to manage expectations. he is digging up the quantitative easing a gender for big numbers. that is a big program, but he is putting some of the blame for this on congress and the white house. creating uncertainty for both of them for american employers. i want to talk about the
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possibility of this actually working to bring back the economy and unemployment. it's not me of money. this was actually created by charles payne earlier today. what you see is this benefit of the policies. stocks are higher, the s&p is up dramatic. work is rates are down. when you look at the unemployment rate, it was at 6.7% and now it is 8.1%. people are leaving the labor force. gas prices are much higher. the median home price is now lower than it was when they started. diana, what is the possibility that they can actually be successful here? >> well, they have been trying this before. and adding more liquidity when investments are very high and the economy needs liquidity. but no one says that interest rates are too high right now. ben bernanke has gone before congress and said, you are letting the economy go off the
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fiscal cliff. the congressional budget office said if the economy goes off the fiscal cliff, we will go into a recession. congress is doing nothing. the administration is narrowing on regulation. my latest book, how green job's policy is damaging america's image goes onto details of this. gerri: so we are in a tough spot? we have some breaking news that what i need to get to. sorry to interrupt you. the house just passed a stopgap measure to fund the government for six months. the senate will take this up, i believe, next week. do i have that right, kevin? he is giving me details as they break so the house just passed the stopgap measure. gary, that leads me to my next question. is the federal reserve the answer to the economy and the
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problems it has? >> they have zero interest in the economy. there is one where he that is hovering over the economy and that is uncertainty. it is emanating from washington on funds. number one, there are $16 trillion in debt. i know we have set it 60,000 times, but that debt is a tax on the consumer business. number two is the uncertainty of what were you going to pay for your employee, what you're going to pay for your health care. it is stopping business owners from hiring a way that they would in the past. if we had some reaganites tight policies, we would unleash the greatness of the economy again. but it's not in the cards right now anything the fed is going to do is going to cause trouble down the road. i have to think that the big thing the next president is worth have to do is make a call to paul volcker.
6:26 pm
gerri: the big question that is being left unanswered is how do they unwind all this? what happens when the i have to go back to the real world? >> is difficult. another question is how do they know that their policies are successful and when they have failed? when they are pumping out all this money. gdp growth rate is slow. they might say that this is not working and why don't we just stop. but they haven't. >> that is my question, peter. what are you hearing about what economists are saying about the likely impact of unwinding all the stimulus. mr. john taylor said that were in for a big round of inflation. >> it is very risky. it could cause inflation. it could disrupt financial markets. ben bernanke talked about that in his jackson will speech and he talked about it again today that there are risks to all of this. but he says that all of these risks are manageable and that the price is worth the price. under the mandate, to get
6:27 pm
unemployment down, they have to keep going. they have to keep trying to take whacks at it. >> gerri, we have evidence of monetary policy, it led to a crash and also the tech bubble and the nasdaq bubble. that all emanated from these policies. in the last year, the fed has brought up 60% of all her bond issuance because nobody in their right mind wants to pay under 2% 42% yields on it country that has $1620 in debt. if they ever saw, i don't know what would happen. if you want to see trouble, we are going to get it. >> it is no coincidence that it's eight weeks before the election and the way that they are doing this. gerri: we will have to leave that little discussion for another day. diana and peter and jerry, thank you for coming on. really interesting conversation. all right, do think that the fed
6:28 pm
did the right thing or do you think that they do more harm than good? from e-mail at report", much debate. where is our commander-in-chief chief in times of crisis? our panel of experts dukes it later . also, find out why amazon is putting some through an on-line shopping frenzy before this weekend. we are on the case next on "the willis report." ♪
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♪ gerri: president obama on his way back to d.c. after campaigning in colorado. with the turmoil in the middle east should he have never left the white house? let's ask editor in chief and kirsten powers. to you first. what is the president doing campaigning right now? >> that's a great question.
6:32 pm
i think that it is really in bad taste for him to be out doing a fund-raiser in las vegas when you sort of juxtapose that against the pictures that are coming out of the middle east that things are seemingly getting even worse than there were 04. lately there have not been any more americans killed, but you are seeing these humongous crowds of people who are very upset with the united states. we have had major tragedy in the middle east with four americans dead. so i would think that he would be at home and focused on that. gerri: but he's not. as a matter of fact, it seemed like he is using letterman over netanyahu to sit down and talk to. the israeli prime minister complaining the president would not be with them. the present, and said to my going on the david letterman show. what do you make of that? >> you know, i think less umbrage at the fact he is still campaigning are talking about
6:33 pm
people like a rapper rather than the chicagos teacher strike or even foreign policy. the problem here is that he has had basically three and a half years or four years to detail foreign-policy. he doesn't have one. we stumbled with egypt and the beginning when we were dragging their feet on the we won it. we misplayed syria and the possible american support for rebels and what not there. we screwed up clearly in libya. we went in there illegally, and constitutionally under obama. i'm less worried about him campaigning because he wants to win office. the fact is, he doesn't have a foreign policy. the statements that have come out in the wake of, you know, both the stupid, phony movie that is circulating as well as actual attacks on u.s. personnel and diplomatic corps, you know, it's stunning to me. we meet as -- we need a strong person, not someone who says we will bomb everyone a someone who says this is the american position. before giving you money we
6:34 pm
expect to protect our people, and if you're not going to we will give that he felt. rasmussen is showing 50 percent of americans want. we should be. gerri: of fox news poll out tonight that shows obama has 48%-43 for mitt romney. this whole thing seems to be rebounding positively to the president, despite the fact that he really seems mia. >> well, i don't think that it would be factored into any polls that are coming up right now. there have seen that fox news poll, but this is the pre rapidly developing issue, and i would be more interested to see how things are next week, especially if things continue to go badly. you know, tomorrow there is a lot of expectation that the crowds are going to increase even more in terms of people who are gathering outside, at least the embassy in cairo. so, you know, i think that's absolutely he did not give a strong response to this. he's been help the with the
6:35 pm
media. decided to obsess over the timing and the tone of mitt romney's statement, which even if you think it was bad, i mean, the things are going on. >> and the real story -- yakima the real story is obama, he is the president. he runs our foreign policy, and he is falling down on the job. part of the reason why he's able to get away with it is that mitt romney is kind of inconsistent or incoherent. gerri: to your point about the president not meeting with people need to be talked with, the you in getting together this week. the president is going to make an address at the assembly, but he is not meeting with anyone, and that is virtually unheard of for it to happen that way. i want to bring up something a little later in town. the first lady talking to dr. cause on his health care show had this to say. >> i do a lot of work with the military families and spend a lot of time on military bases. the number one thing that
6:36 pm
prevents young people from the ages of 17-24 from qualifying for military is obesity. they are finding that they have to do a lot of reeducation in the military just to get soldiers ready for combat. so, yes, it is absolutely a security issue for our country. gerri: let me put it this way. he asked, i think obesity is the biggest threat to national security. diversity answer, why, yes, it is. so -- >> you know, this is absurd and insane and profane. the biggest threat to security is currently islamic terrorism. american foreign policy that people want obama's. kids can be fat. it's not a problem, and is that a national epidemic. for god's sake. you know, if you want to talk about obama taking it easy to hit, we have much more important things than this ongoing nanny state obsession of some people in washington saying, you know,
6:37 pm
we have to change what people are allowed to eat. it is very unnerving to me. gerri: the fact that the obama and the first lady are constantly on these entertainment shows it's just doesn't work at time of crisis. it's just in bad taste. your reaction. >> for the first lady am sure this is probably schedule or maybe even taped. i would not give her any criticism on that. i actually like her anti obesity campaign. chalk one up for the nanny state here. but i think that the obama should not be doing things like this and that type of crisis that was -- that is going on right now. i don't agree that he should never given because we are in an economic crisis but what happened in the last couple of days is extremely serious and very concerned. i would think that the president would be taking a more somber tone in dealing with this. gerri: last word. >> well, i think that obama has actually learn from jimmy carter. he has been equated with jimmy carter quite a bit.
6:38 pm
in a much more serious situation, the iranian hostage crisis, he was a captive of the white house and could not get away from doing anything. obama recognizes that he is not competing against islamic terrorists but mitt romney. if he keeps it light, you know, doing pretty well in the polls because mitt romney can't match him with a coherent foreign policy. gerri: a long way to go. >> it's unseemly, but from the state electoral position you have to say he's playing it right now. >> the politicos have a lot to answer for. gerri: it's amazing. thank you for coming on. always a pleasure. now we want to know what you think. here's our question tonight. should president obama be in the white house are on letterman? blog contact and on the right-hand side of the screen. all share the results of the end of tonight's show here. now, we wanted to bring you the latest development as far we
6:39 pm
have been following closely. the chicago teachers union president said the deal to end the first teacher strike in 25 years is close. students will likely be back in the classroom on monday instead of tomorrow is as predicted earlier. making substantial progress. signing a final proposal requires a meeting by union delegates to likely happen tomorrow. we could have an end to the strike. so that 25,000 teachers rank in history. welcome it may be one of the most controversial. many strikes with a greater impact. that's tonight's top five. number five, the steel strike of 1919. 350,000 afl members fought against poor working conditions and low wages in pittsburgh. nearly half of the steel industry was shut down for five months. number four, the textile workers strike of 1934, we're going way back. starting labor day and lasted for three weeks. 400,000 strikers walked out, but sincehey have low support, it did not last long.
6:40 pm
the railroad shop workers strike of 1922. after a major wage cut was announced 400,000 workers nationwide went on strike. a summit in october ended the 4-month long struggle. the 1946 gold strike. in favor of working conditions, better pay. getting that after nine months, they were fined three nap million dollars. the number one biggest labor dispute is the steel strike of 1959, half million workers around the country went on strike. action -- last five months in the one. coming up, colleges or still is to blame for the student loan crisis? amazon losing its competitive edge? right now the vast majority of customers don't pay sales tax. that's about to change. details coming up. ♪ want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it!
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♪ gerri: well, if you live in california you might want to listen to this. if you have any items in your amazon shopping cart, you might want to buy them before saturday . otherwise, there will be subject to an online sales tax set to go into effect over the weekend like the other states have vetted here. here to weigh in, vice-president of projects. good to have you here. amazon will start collecting
6:45 pm
taxes. how much are they going to collect? are you surprised that amazon finally went along with it? >> california has a very high sales tax, and they will be collecting that. california's sales tax rate plus local tax rates all across the state. that is around seven, eight, 9% depending on where you are listed california. so whether it -- gerri: go right ahead. >> as to whether i'm surprised my not. this is something we will be seeing in states all over the country in the near future. states have been pushing for this power and historically we have as a country been very careful not to give states the power to collect taxes from out of state companies, but that may change in the near future. california was able to do it because they have such a market to millions of people. gerri: amazon is kind of using this as an engine. taking this negative, which they don't want to have to collect
6:46 pm
sales tax. they don't want people to have to pay to give them a huge advantage in the marketplace, but they are using it to get other things. tell us about that. >> they have seen the writing on the wall. the internet has been able to survive without a sales tax being collected primarily because we are so concerned about forcing internet retailers to collect the night to 600 different sales taxes all of the estate's. amazon is kind of seeing, they have been under a lot of pressure from different state governments, and the federal rescue of legislation pending that may change all this. at think they're just trying to get out ahead of it, build warehouses in as many states as possible and start to offer much quicker delivery and go up even stronger against their brick and mortar retailers. gerri: which would give them a real advantage. less talk about the states that this will happen, july 2013, new jersey september 2013. virginia ten eric 14. nevada and tennessee. south carolina, making its way
6:47 pm
across the country. are you surprised? >> of the states that are doing this to my american note. this is just for amazon. it does not necessarily affects other internet retailers. a lot of employees. they can probably, better than most, be able to figure out all the different sales taxes all of the united states. other internet retailers, nowadays anybody with a website can sell all over the world and be an internet retailer that sells everywhere. they may not be able to. we have been emphasizing that if congress were to act on this and give states the power to collect taxes needs to come with strong simplification of sales taxes to enable everybody to collected compete on an even playing field gerri: interesting stuff. thank you for coming out tonight and clarifying the situation. pretty darn complicated. thank you. >> any time. anytime. gerri: still to come, my "2 cents more" on the sugar beet --
6:48 pm
sugary drink band. more and more debtors on the hunt. who is responsible for the growing problems? how do we fix it? we are joined next with answers. ♪
6:49 pm
gerri: it is a growing trend. and adults a sudden they have no other option than to default on student loans. the parents of students next.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
gerri: in focus tonight, the growing student loan crisis. the number of students taking out loans backed by the federal government, as you know, skyrocketing food. so is the number arrested is falling behind on payments. according to a recent report, one in six borrowers are currently in default, which leads to the question, who is
6:52 pm
responsible for all this debt? the colleges, the students? president of consumer education for smart credit dot com is here on set, not a hologram, but a real person. the story got our attention because it was really winy version of it in the new york times in which they said that all of these debt collectors were going after these poor students and collecting the money they owed. >> of course they are. easier to collecting defaults in london is to collect defaulted credit card debt. student loan debt is going to be paid. they're going to paid or die with it. as the law. you cannot discharge it in bankruptcy unless you have some really catastrophic problem, and even then it is a five. at the end of the day you have a choice, get into debt. it's voluntary. no one of the gun to your head and says he will take of $90,000 a student loan debt to get his master's in art. that is the challenge. gerri: so go with me here. i think at the end of the day it is distancing have to be more
6:53 pm
responsible and the side, given the job that i want to eventually have, what can i afford to pay off. >> i don't disagree with you, but these are 18-year-old spirit just got finished filling out of the sport to get into college. the college of their dreams. the extraordinarily expensive and the feel like they should have to go. the parent has to step in and say, look. timeout. let me tell you what is going to happen after four years. you will be in a mountain of debt. what you pick a community college or something local, get your core done and then transfer to the big-time college and get the degree with a nice symbol on it. gerri: it's a good idea, but that was a funny story. you and i both laughed at that. another story that also caught our attention, fdic report, the federal government, nearly 10 million u.s. households do not have a bank account. more and more people getting out of the official bank system and doing other things. what are they doing? is this a good idea. >> that is bad news. that really, really concerns me.
6:54 pm
look. a lot of people are leaving voluntarily. a lot of people are getting kicked out because the dawn of a properly managed accounts. you know, this will begin? prepaid debit card vultures. look. we can rip on banks' ad nauseam until the cows come home, but at the end of the day you want to have a nice relationship with the bank. gerri: you need to be part of the system. >> you have to be part of the system because of the end of the day you want a credit score, you want to get loans in order to buy a house. have kids. all of that tax money, and the only way to do that. >> that read bar someone else's money to up by house. the end of the day after have our relationship with the bank. it's not a right. i have to earn it. it terrifies me. every time you come you have to call us and come on set. i love it. >> us to be here. well, we'll be right back. a new law.
6:55 pm
the answer to our question of the day. gerri: to president obama be in the white house or on letterman? ♪ [ male announcer ] at scottrade, we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our teams have the information you want when you need it. it's anothereason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. zon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart.
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gerri: in the midst of the unrest in the middle east and the gathering of world leaders in new york, the president is still campaigning as going on letterman. should he be in the white house or the ed sullivan theater. here's what some of you are posting. ken says that the answer is obvious. heighten tensions would keep most presidents to the oval office. but obama is only capable of speaking and not leaving. let someone else in the white house who actually knows what they are doing and isn't one between the president or entertainer. my favorite is that the celebrity and cheap should give
6:59 pm
the top 10 reason why he has not made a good president. finally, new york city has passed a rule banning supersized drinks. there is now a 16-ounce limit on cups and nondiet sodas and copies. it says the ban is necessary to combat an epidemic of obesity. it is the number-one threat for national security. here's the thing, the beverage industry says it will shut down their businesses. doctors say it exaggerates the impact on weight. new york says this is a gross government intrusion. they are right. this mayor is out of control. he is not my daddy and he is not my doctor and he is not my a contest. if he wants it back to chino, it is my decision, not yours. that is my "two cents

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